May 8 – Meditation in Practice & May Long Weekend Retreat Q&A

Sunday May 8 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Legacy Building

110-138 18Avenue SE, Calgary, AB

Meditation in Practice (12:00-12:45)

The Japanese tea ceremony is a personal meditation and discipline based on learning methods for making tea and hospitality in order to appreciate the harmony of nature and the beauty of art, which was developed around the 15 century in Japan.

Join, Michiko Ono, tea expert and guide. She is certified by the Japanese Green Tea Association as a Japanese Green Tea (Nihon-cha) Instructor. She’s also certified as a Tea Sommelier by the Tea Association of Canada.

The first of her presentation will cover  basic information and ideas on the tea ceremony. Michiko will then share her personal experience learning and practicing the tea ceremony. Lastly, she will talk about the function of matcha tea used in the ceremony for health.

May Long Weekend Retreat Q&A (12:45-1:00)

If you were thinking about joining us for the Meditation Retreattaking place on the May Long Weekend but had some questions, stick around after Meditation in Practice. We will be hosting an informal discussion on any questions or concerns you might have about going on your first ever (or just first one with us) meditation retreat.

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