Here and Now

Calgary Buddhist Meditation

We are an open minded, easy-going community; a diverse group of unique individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. We are skillfully and humorously guided by Shirfu (which means teacher) who has a ridiculously extensive knowledge of Buddhism, both on an academic level and through personal experience.

You may want to check us out if:

  • You want to learn how to meditate (and might be a little bit intimated)
  • You need a meditation refresher because you havenʼt practiced for awhile
  • You’ve been meditating for awhile and want to deepen your meditation practice
  • You want to learn about Buddhism in a chill and laid back environment (we laugh often)
  • You’ve been trying to find a knowledgeable yet real teacher
  • You have been looking for a group to practice with on a regular basis where you can totally be yourself

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