Here and Now

Calgary Buddhist Meditation

We are an open minded, easy-going community; a diverse group of unique individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. We are skillfully and humorously guided by Shirfu (which means teacher) who has a ridiculously extensive knowledge of Buddhism, both on an academic level and through personal experience.

You may want to check us out if:

  • You want to learn how to meditate (and might be a little bit intimated)
  • You need a meditation refresher because you havenʼt practiced for awhile
  • You’ve been meditating for awhile and want to deepen your meditation practice
  • You want to learn about Buddhism in a chill and laid back environment (we laugh often)
  • You’ve been trying to find a knowledgeable yet real teacher
  • You have been looking for a group to practice with on a regular basis where you can totally be yourself

Please join our email list to get updates about classes, special events and retreats.

All courses are offered free of charge. We accept donations to help us pay for our meeting place, buy supplies (candles, incense, etc), host our website and Meetup site, etc. There is a donation box at the class but if you don’t carry cash or you would rather donate electronically we now have a PayPal button!

The default amount is $10. If you would like to give more you can do so on the checkout page (multiples of $10). The merchant name will be “Can-Asian Multicultural Society of Alberta”.

Yes, I would like to donate $10!